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Not All Graphics Are Created Equal!

Why are some graphics/wrap manufacturers chosen over others?

Why do we prefer to use certain graphics/wraps over others?

The short(er) answer lies within molecular make-up. We primarily use 3M because of its formula that is designed with a Ph balanced adhesive to ensure no clear-coat or paint distortion with the Suns’ U.V. exposure. 3M also has a “Cast” manufacturing process, which is made by pouring the liquid form of vinyl into sheets versus “Calendared” manufacturing, which is rolled like a pizza dough (hence the curling of lettering and edges of wraps and signage), leading to a subpar image of ones’ product.

We also guarantee a removal process and cost that wraps circles around our competition. 3M designs their vinyl-to-adhesive compound to be removed in a single piece with little to no adhesive being left on the vehicle. The average cost of our removals can be thousands of dollars less than an underdeveloped manufacturer.

Our printers have a distinct advantage over others with regards to Ph balancing ink saturation that guarantees no chemical interference of the adhesive bonding. In an easier sentence, most shops use Eco-Solvent (solvent meaning saturating) that bleeds through the vinyl and reacts with their adhesive, guaranteeing bonding issues and substrate/paint and clearcoat staining.

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