Premier Graphics and Wraps:
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UV Damage to graphics and wraps

Quality Vinyl Matters

This is a graphic that had an overlapping graphic protecting part of the green stripe from the sun. U.V. damage turned the green into a sky blue within 2 years.

At Premier Graphics and Wraps, we often push for dyed vinyl to be used whenever applicable. There is less of a mark-up on the shop’s end, but the result is exponentially better which is better for our customers.

Delivering long-term, lasting graphics is a quality that most shops don’t have the educational background in vinyl and printing to actually offer. Our installers are 3M preferred installers and we are recommended by the top manufacturers for the highest quality installation techniques. We primarily use 3M because of its formula that is designed with a Ph balanced adhesive to ensure no clear-coat or paint distortion with the Suns’ U.V. exposure. 3M also has a “Cast” manufacturing process, which is made by pouring the liquid form of vinyl into sheets versus “Calendared” manufacturing, which is rolled like a pizza dough (hence the curling of lettering and edges of wraps and signage), leading to a subpar image of ones’ product. Read More to Learn More.

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